Flowers of the month (October, 2016)

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well ♪

I do a flower arrangement monthly at “Shamballa school” which is an imaginary school located in Central Shamballa.

Every month, I come up with somewhat seasonal and meaningful flowers and arrange them as a big piece. It is usually placed at the school lobby.


Because most students there know what I do monthly, we can share pretty much the same information such as the flower names, colors and arrangement styles even without telling them exactly what I have done for the month. Even in the imaginary world you think, we can do share many visual information like this “real” world.

I will definitely write more about this unique school in the near future.

In this month (October, 2016), I would love to use these beautiful flowers: white Dahlia, yellow Roses, orange Gerbera and white/orange Osmanthus which are known as the beautiful flagrance.

Since I can’t take photo there to share with you (I wish I could though!), you should use your imagination fully to figure out how I do arrange them. If you can go there, of course you will be able to see it 🙂

OK, here is the flowers (images) I use for the arrangement:

[White Dahlia]

It is hard to find this perfect shape in the real world, but in Shamballa, I can find and use them easily. This dahlia is one the main flowers of this month.

Then, I do spread both yellow roses and orange gerbearas around (in between) dahlias. It looks like a large half-circle with all three flowers.

[Orange Gerbera]

This orange gerberas have a little bit smaller (cute!) shape than usual ones you are familiar with.

[Yellow Rose]

I use yellow rose buds for this arrangement. They look prettier and work well with above dahlia/gerbera flowers (in a good shape contrast, I guess)

The colors/flowers are different, but shape of the arrangement looks similar to this:

[Arrangement Idea Image]

In this time, I do add another flower vase along with the above arrangement to complete the whole arrangement idea. You may see this type of set vases in a shop:

[I borrowed this photo from the website here.]

[I borrowed this image from the website here.]

I uses the similar idea, but the arrangements are both in a pretty large scale (You often see them at hotels, concert halls, churches like big places.).

For the tall vase, I do uses these two (2) different osmanthus. The flower has a pretty shape and a gorgeous flagrance!! I can already smell it as I type this….

[Osmanthus – white & orange]

Osmanthus is usually very sensitive & fragile flowers so that it is extremely hard to arrange the way you would like to. Well, since I am in Shamballa where you can change the common sense, I am totally able to arrange them (spreading the branches widely without falling flowers) freely.

In the real world, this is probably the best and most what we can do with this fragile flowers:

[I borrowed the image from this Twitter post.]

I place the tall vase with full of osmanthus branches right behind (lean towards to the right-side) of the vase with full of dahlia-gerbera-rose arrangement.

Could you see my arrangement in your brain? That is probably what you can “see” at the school in Shamballa.

I hope you will enjoy imaginably seeing it ♪

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